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8 days in Bali

Day 1
Upon arrival at Denpasar airport on Bali, go north by private transfer into the green rice-terraced countryside. Once a small village, Ubud has grown into a thriving yet laid-back community with remarkable traditional architecture amidst a serene and lush landscape. 
Check into your hotel and settle in. Unwind at the spa or enjoy a book while overlooking the jungles. In the late afternoon, set off on a scenic sunset walk along Campuhan Ridge for a stunning vista of the hillside and valley which are dotted with small village houses and rice fields.
Day 2
Start the day with a bike ride through verdant green rice paddies, visiting rural communities and ancient temples. Visit a natural holy water spring and receive a Balinese blessing. In the afternoon, visit the markets of Ubud where locals sell street food, fruits, and handicrafts and folk art. 
Afterwards, venture into the famous Monkey Forest, a sacred jungle home to mischievous Balinese long-tailed macaques. Make your way into the forest and you'll find the Pura Dalem Agung Padangtegal, an ancient temple dedicated to worship of the dead.
Day 3
Visit Tukad Cepung Waterfall, one of the most unique of all the waterfalls in Bali. The circular cliffs give you the feeling of being in a cave, in contrast to the open sky right from where the waterfall emerges. The sunlight falling on the waterfall often creates beams of rainbows across the canyon-like rock formations.

In the afternoon, consider journeying to the exciting Elephant Cave known as Goa Gajah. Built in the ninth century, the cave is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a popular destination for travellers. Here, you can walk through an opening shaped like a demon’s mouth. From there, you can trek deep inside and discover timeworn statues, Buddhist remnants, waterfalls and more.
Day 4
Today, transfer to eastern Bali to enjoy your penultimate beach getaway. Check into your luxury resort where Mount Agung provides a dramatic backdrop overlooking the Lombok Strait in East Bali. 
Tonight, enjoy serene seclusion and breathtaking views with champagne, a sunset picnic in the hills, massages for two and a two-hour cruise.
Day 5
Spend the day exploring the world beneath the waves. As rich and colourful as East Bali is above the waves, its offshore realm is perhaps even more spectacular. With pristine reefs ideal for snorkelling and scuba diving, the coastline also offers superb surfing, fishing and cruising opportunities.  
Day 6
Take a private tour to Nusa Penida, an undeveloped island southeast of mainland Bali with beautiful beaches and magnificent cliffs. Discover stunning beaches and ancient temples including Atuh Beach, Titi Bahu Cliff, Giri Putri Cave Temple and Angel’s Billabong Pond.
Day 7
Today, visit One of Bali’s oldest and most important temples, Pura Lempuyang Luhur. Located 1,175 metres above sea level at the peak of Mount Lempuyang, it is reached via a steep staircase of 1,700 steps that ascend through a forest to offer breath-taking views from the top. Combining culture and natural beauty, this visit could well be the highlight of your trip..
Day 8
Enjoy stunning views of Lombok Strait as you enjoy a floating breakfast then take a leisurely swim in the tiered infinity pool.
In the afternoon we depart to Denpasar International Airport where we say farewell.

Travel Theory's take on Bali
Arrange for a morning snorkeling cruise aboard one of the resort’s private boats – breakfast is served on board, and there’s a plush top deck for sunbathing.
- Casey
Explore the morning markets in Ubud. You'll see stalls offering seaweed and tapioca sticks, tiny toes of ginger, bright red peppers the size of small Balinese lizards, and belut – the small eels that thrive in flooded rice fields. If you get hungry, try some glutinous rice wrapped in banana leaf or roasted rice mixed with palm sugar. - Kitte

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