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Hey there Friend!
You’ve joined a small but growing community of people who are passionate about lifelong learning and authentic growth. As a writer, I'll be sharing what I've learned along the way and I don't just keep it pretty, I keep it REAL. Because goodness knows we need a lot more of that right now.
A bit about me—I started writing and editing professionally because I wanted a way to support and cheer on the fabulous females in business that I've met along the way. Then I began writing a book and realized that I wanted to include my tribe in that journey as well. These emails will include tips and tricks for writing and social media, as well as straight-from-the-heart tidbits that I'm learning in my own very human experience.
And now for the fun part: that freebie download I promised you about how to balance life and work as a work-from-home mom? It's all right here. Just click the button below to grab it. I hope - and know - that you'll be encouraged!
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All my gratitude,

Margi Regehr, Writer and Editor