Your business isn't all about you, and your marketing shouldn't be either!

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Hey hey, First name / photographer!
Last week we took an adventure through some of the incredible website template options that are just waiting out there to give you the website revamp of your dreams. It was light. Fun. But now it's time to eat our broccoli and talk about the hard work of making a gorgeous template into an effective website. Because let me tell you what—a pretty website can only trick a client so far. And it sure won't trick them into a massive investment. You NEED the words to match.
And sometimes, it goes really, really wrong. 
Every January, I see a mad rush of website relaunches. And every January, I have to exercise all the self-control within me not to beg photographers to let me fix them. From a bouquet of typos and grammatical errors to missing vital information, it's a minefield out there! And let’s not even get into the general lack of personality. 😬

But the biggest mistake I see when people who don't understand marketing try to write their own content? They have the hero of the story all wrong. The inescapable signature of a self-written website is that the photographer makes themselves the central focus of their website, not their client.

It's all "I have a passion," "I have a desire," and "I have a feeling." I want, I want, I want. "I"s and "me"s for days! Where is your client in all that? What do THEY want? What passions, fears, and dreams do THEY have? you even know?
Your marketing content shouldn't be all about you.
It should be about the people you serve.
Your homepage should meet your clients where they're at, illustrating that you understand them. Your about page should share how who you are can uniquely meet their needs. Your details page should express why what you offer is exactly what they've been searching for all along.
If your web pages aren't client-centered, they aren't doing their job. Make your client the hero of your story, and watch as it translates to more bookings from clients you truly love.
But in order to speak meaningfully to your client, first you have to truly know them. This is the first—and honestly most vital step—in the copywriting experience I offer photographers. So, if you feel ill-equipped to do this solo, check out the two services I'm offering to photographers this winter: The 2-Day Signature Experience (rewrite your ENTIRE website in just two days!) or the 90-Minute Strategy Intensive (let's talk one-on-one about what's not working on your site and how it can be fixed). 
And if you want a hand, don't wait! I'm only booking through February since I'm heading out on maternity leave in March! Hope to help you create written content that frames your clients as the hero of your story soon!

xo, Erica