Happy New Year! 
Wow, 2022 is here! As a kid growing up in the ‘70s and ’80s, the year 2000 was “the future,” now, we're way past that!  The new year brings new hope, ideas and the motivation to move forward.  This year is my year of “Evolution.” I want to dedicate my time and energy to learning new things to help my personal growth. Understanding Italian culture is always top on my list, so I have enrolled in some non-credit university courses online!  First and foremost on the program; art, history and language. 
As usual, I will continue sharing my experiences, so feel free to browse the site, send me a quick question or request a custom itinerary for your next Milan & Lake Como trip.

Wishing you all the best for a happy and healthy 2022!
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What to Do and See in Italy in 2022
2022 promises to be a year full of exhibitions and events in Italy! There are many concerts, anniversaries to celebrate and sporting events and festivals not to be missed throughout Italy.

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Cozy In Cashmere
Cashmere is one of the most prized and precious natural materials and is made from the wool of cashmere goats, not sheep. Most cashmere goats are raised in cold temperatures of Tibet, Mongolia, Afghanistan and of course Kashmir (India), but other countries, even Italy are becoming important players in the cashmere industry. Learn more about cashmere, where it comes from, how to wear it and how to care for cashmere.

Shopping: From January 5th the sales are on in Milan! Read more

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Ciasmo - Vintage Inspiration, Modern Creations
Ciasmo is dialect for “dazzle” and perfectly represents this colorful, whimsical and creative boutique in Milan. Ciasmo is specialized in women’s made-to-measure clothing, personalized fashion, handmade accessories, and restored vintage furniture. Ciasmo is a creative concept store mixing color and one-of-a-kind pieces while giving special attention to environmental responsibility.

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Matterhorn Valley of Cervinia 
Cervinia is a high-altitude resort at 2000 meters, dominated by the mighty Matterhorn, with reliable snow conditions throughout the winter from December right through to April. The long, open runs and easy gradients of Plateau Rosa are ideal for experienced beginners and intermediates from which you can enjoy some fantastic views. Read on about Cervinia and the Matterhorn Valley.

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Living on Lake Como
If you have been wondering what it's like to live on Lake Como or the dream of living La dolce vita has crossed your mind, then I'd like to invite you to read my blog posts in the “lifestyle” section of LakeComoStyle.com. Need a helping hand on taking the next step? Read on. 

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