Happy New Year!
January is one tough month.  Let’s be honest. 
We are trying to eat better, drink less, commit to resolutions, survive the winter doldrums (as my fellow Chicagoans know) and stay healthy. 
While it sometimes feels like we just need to stay afloat during the 
month, I think that recentering and reframing ourselves at the
beginning of the new year is essential - for individuals and teams
alike. Relish in your accomplishments and take a moment to be
proud as you set intentions for the year. 

Here’s what Mekky Media is doing to look back at 2021
and move forward into the new year:
One. We’re thinking of the big picture. As we entered 2022, I wanted to
set aside some time to dive into our strategy and processes. We just returned from our annual team strategy and planning retreat in Mexico, where we spent some quality time stepping back and doing in-depth creative brainstorming and strategizing.
Two. We’re learning from and with each other. With so many new
team members and creative minds on board, we made sure to take
some time to bond with each other.
Three. We’re focusing on building smartly and carefully and we are putting attention on our clients, but also our culture. It is people that drive this business. They are #1.

I’m so proud of my team’s hard work through the past year. They truly 
gave it their all on behalf of our clients - and I can’t wait to see what 
comes next for Mekky Media. 
Whatever you and your team did this month, I hope you had some time
to celebrate, strategize and get back to work refreshed and refocused. 
Warm wishes,




Michelle Mekky

2022 is off to a great start! 
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