“Tools” in my Covid Tool Kit
While this isn't an exhaustive list, here are 18 items/tricks that I have in my “Covid Tool Kit”. These are my little helpers that I would utilize if anyone in my household contracted a respiratory virus and needed early intervention at home. I have developed this kit over the past 22 months as I've watched and taken note of how natural health professionals and regular people have successfully treated the virus at home.
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FYI: If you click on each colored/numbered section it will take you to a link to learn more about that tool. Some links are affiliate links that will earn a small commission if you purchase that item and some are just links to products, and some are links to studies.
Hydroxychloroquine has sort of taken a back seat to the alternative remedies but I still have it on deck in case I or someone I love needs it for treatment. Most, if not all of the pharmacies filling Ivermectin will also fill Hydroxychloroquine.
Essential Oils
Essential oils definitely have their place in my toolkit. It's an in depth topic that warrants its own blog post or email. My go-to oils for illness are diluted cinnamon or diluted oregano on the bottom of feet, diffusing Thieves or a similar germ blend in an empty room for 15 minutes to cleanse the air, and peppermint. EO use is very personal and safety varies by age and health status so make sure you research if that oil/method is right for you and your needs
Yup, good 'ole aspirin has helped a lot of people with intense aches and pains. I personally would only take it if I found the pain absolutely unbearable. 
Wet Socks!
My nautropath doc told me about this one. Wet socks supposedly help reduce fevers by increasing your body's white blood cell count. I don't really support reducing fevers (they're your body's natural defense) but I understand wanting to if you're just miserable. Nick was absolutely miserable with HFM and tried this little trick and it worked within 30 minutes for him! Tip: Put dry socks over your wet ones to keep the sheets from getting too wet!
What about Zinc + Quercetin? We all probably know about Zinc + Quercetin working together to help naturally heal from Covid by now. I'm on the fence about Zinc now that I know a little bit more about how it works with Copper in a see-saw effect. My understanding is that the more Zinc you take, the lower your Copper levels will go and vise versa. I'm still learning what that means for me and how I want to move forward. I do have liquid Zinc from Mary Ruth's that I would take with Quercetin if I felt like my other remedies (listed above) weren't working or even if I felt an overwhelming urge to take it. I try to be incredibly intuitive with my body and act on intuition and the Holy Spirit when I reach for my stash of supplements and remedies. I'm not a doctor and I'm not pretending to be one. So, please don't take any as this as medical advice. I'm just some lady on the internet sharing her perspective on things.
I printed out FLCC Prevention & Early Outpatient Treatment Protocol for ivermectin dosing charts, directions, and more. I also had the FLCCC Hospital protocol printed and bound in the event of hospitalization. The hospital is the last place I would want to be with Covid but I have it in the name of preparedness. I had several copies made to give to family!
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