First name / Friend, the world in 2022 is going to be filled with new technologies and trends. Amongst the most talked about topics in the world today is both a technology and a trend: Cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies, or crypto, is a new form of DeFi, or decentralized finance, which means there is not a centralized location running the operations of a cryptocurrency. The way this technology is able to function is through a new system called “blockchain technology”. Basically, every transaction creates a chain link within this already massive blockchain. This becomes the transaction history of every token, or coin, which is represented in the blockchain. Currently, the most famous of these cryptocurrencies include Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, and Dogecoin. Bitcoin was the first token of its kind and it is currently the most widely used and accepted token (Fun Fact: Bitcoin only allows for 21million coins to ever exist, so there is a limited amount). Ether is the second largest crypto coin and is affiliated with decentralized central platform called Ethereum. Ethereum is known to be an insanely useful technology in other aspects as well, such as enabling the development of  smart contracts and decentralized apps. Litecoin is the third largest (as of today) and it operates like Bitcoin. Litecoin allows for more tokens to be in existence. Lastly, we have the Dogecoin. Originally, Doge started as a meme coin, sort of poking fun at the idea of value in the spectrum. However, after a huge endorsement from the world's richest man, Elon Musk, the coin went up 5,000% in value. This gave way to a variety of research on how easy it is to give value to something that has no valuable foundation. All in all, whether we want to or not, the times will change. The best thing to do before jumping on the “trend wagon” is to do research on the topic and concluded what you feel will work best for you. Stay safe. 

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