First name / Hi friend, what does it mean to come home to yourself?
To cultivate trust and nourish your inner knowing?
These are questions I often ponder on and hold space for my clients to explore. One of the biggest tools in supporting them—and let's face it, myself—has been incorporating Human Design as one of my awareness tools. It's helped me honour the parts I've rejected, understand my energy and cultivate trust.
You're probably wondering
What can Human Design do for you?
  • Teach you about your energetics: From the energies you have consistently to the ones you're sensitive to and amplify
  • The ‘health’ of those energies: How to balance the high expression and the shadow sides
  • Understanding how you process information best
  • Connect to your inner wisdom and how it guides you
  • How your energy naturally moves and relate to others
  • Get insight on what you gravitate towards and why
Whether you’re looking to know yourself better or facing some roadblocks, Human Design can support you in the process. My friend Courtney and I created the Human Design Retreat with the intention of guiding YOU back to yourself through a deeper understanding of your energetics, to empower you and connect to your inner compass.
You'll walk away from the HD Retreat with:
  • A solid understanding of your chart. How to weave your Type, Strategy and Authority together
  • Your conscious and unconscious energetics (Design and Personality)
  • Deep dive into the 9 Centers and their roles
  • How your energies connect to each other and how they show up
  • Your profile combination and how your energy naturally moves
  • The types of channels and circuitry intro
  • Community connection and so much more!
When I first learned about my design I devoured as much info as I could but it got pretty overwhelming fast and had no idea how everything connected.
If you’ve been thinking about investing in yourself this year, this is your chance to join us—trust me, the reason I can't stop raving about HD is because it works and it's been so empowering seeing my clients leverage this tool to heal, grow and embrace their inner wisdom. I want this for you too!
The Deets
When: Saturday, January 22nd @ 1PM EST / 11AM MST / 10AM PST
Duration: 4 hrs
Where: Zoom
What do you need: Your bodygraph, a notebook and comfy clothes
You'll also receive a recording of this event
We have so many fun activities prepared and so stoked to dive into your design with you. Sign up below!
Let's expand together
Jes & Courtney