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Hi. I'm Jewish.
Hey, gorgeous non-Jews: 
I might lose some of you for bringing this up, but I'm done being silent about a bigotry that affects me so deeply. 
The truth is: American Jews are (one of maaaaany groups) under siege and we need your allyship. 

Antisemitism (aka hostility, prejudice, or violence against Jews) is at a historic high - and is on the rise. 
While Jews are only 2% of the U.S. population, we are the target of more than 50% of religious hate crimes. From beatings of visible Jews in NYC to violence against people in Jewish restaurants + spaces.
Yet, when Jews turn to the left for allyship and in solidarity- we too often encounter reactions that degrade our humanity and make us less safe.
(Please stay with me...It may feel hard to digest especially because Jews are both privileged and targeted: like white women, who experience both sexism + white privilege.)
Anti-Jewishness on the left 
is less in-your-face than the “Hitler was Right!” signs flying at today's (far) right rallies. But lefty antisemitism ignores/ condones violence and bias against Jews. 
Antisemitism on the left looks like:
  • Scheduling on top of major Jewish holidays*, 
  • Downplaying aggression/bias against Jews (or Jewish spaces),
  • Shifting focus to Jews solely as oppressors (when the topic is bias/violence against Jews),
  • Stereotypes re: Jews + money, secret power, or conspiracies
  • Ignoring low-income + vulnerable Jews (20% of U.S. Jews live in poverty).
  • Talking about (the many horrific) actions by Israel's government when a Jew mentions Judaism (It would be really anti-Catholic to mention bad priests/scandals when a Catholic person posts a sweet Easter picture!)
  • Excluding Jews / Jewish orgs from cross-coalition organizing.
To form trust and solidarity, groups need to understand (+ believe) how we impact each other. 
This means confronting the hard stuff. 
If you're still reading: Thank you so much + welcome to the work.
We've got this,
                    aka Esther mibeit Rut
*To avoid scheduling on Jewish and other religious minority holidays, 
Learn more about anti-semitism (especially on the left):
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smarten up:
don't let A.I. eat you for breakfast
You know I would NOT 
recommend a cishet white man's book unless it was HELLA GOOD.
(Spoiler alert: it is. And he's a badass intersectional ally, too.)
My answer to
“Can I have a script to call someone out - 
without being seen as “that person”?"
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