Hi First name / Friend,
We hope at the start of 2022, you are rested, happy and in good health! Last month, we celebrated our first birthday and that couldn't have happened without the generosity of 234 donors who provided more than 2,400 meals to Rhode Islanders who struggle to meet their basic food needs. Whether it's for financial, health, access, or lack of transportation, one in six households are affected by food insecurity.
We begin the new year grateful, humbled and more inspired than ever - and we hope you will join us as we raise greater awareness about the issues of food insecurity in Rhode Island. Below are just a few highlights of our 2021 impact, and what we'll be up to this year. 
Plates with Purpose is a donation-based program, powered by the compassion and kindness of others. Our model facilitates a two-way value exchange, providing relief for the restaurants we love, in return for preparing delicious and nourishing meals for local individuals and families, who are struggling to meet their basic food needs.
together, we are making a difference!
 With Purpose & Love,
Jenn & Jen