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Hi y'all!
You might have heard me say it before: creativity is my therapy* <3 Whenever I am stuck, feel drained or have the blues (I get that A LOT in winter) I always get energised from making things, creating with my own hands. The problem is: although I know this, I forget it all the time! Creating always seems to end up on the bottom of my to do list. It always seems there are more important things to do: emails, finances, inventory,…. but you know what, creating is the most important. It takes care of my mental health and when that's ok, all the other tasks are lighter. Creating is my battery and I need my energy level to be up! The last couple of years I have made it a priority to create and be creative as much as I can, I fall off the wagon every now and then but that's ok I am learning to climb back on as fast as I can ;). 
In the beginning of 2021 I met Vicky from (translates to: in the room of wonders) and we hit it off! I coached her to help her with her amazing business and a couple of month later we were making this course together: Unleash your Creativity. An 8 week course to help you not only Unleash your creativity but also to make it an energizer that will stay part of your life, just like it is for us!
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In 8 weeks Vicky will guide you on this journey with fun and creative assignments, she will have 4 amazing artists (Frida! Jean-Michel Basquiat! Louise Bourgeois! Henri Matisse!) as her guide accompanied by 4 gorgeous workbooks to scribble away in.
I will be there to help your inner artist to take time, and to take care of you. I will send you a podcast every week and in the special ‘ME’ workbook will be space for small and fun excises to unleash! This online course that starts February first 2022, will come with two live sessions to make and create together and where we asked artist Marieke Vonk to join us! We will create a fun and open community together on a closed platform where we can all connect, share (if you want to!) and ask away!
What you will get when you enroll:
  • 5 workbooks: 4 about the artist that will join you in your journey and 1 about the artist in you.
  • 8 videos to introduce the artists and to take you through the exercises
  • 8 creative snack videos with a quick and fun exercise
  • 8 podcasts to help you take care of YOU and your inner artist
  • 2 live zoom sessions. If you can't make it, you can watch the session any time you like.
  • access to a very special slack account where we will create a community during this entire course.

And to celebrate this awesome course, Vicky agreed to make her Frida illustration as a free printing template for y'all! When my littlest saw the workbook we made, she begged me to print it on a sweater for her. And once again the kid was right, it looks great and it is so fun to print!
Next Friday I will do a live feed printing this gorgeous design so you can all print along. Check our IG to see the exact time! 
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Thanks for reading, thanks for following along our adventure. THANK YOU for #wearebobbinhood


Barbara & team

aka Bobbinhood

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