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Hi First name / friend!
Have you guys had the most wild week ever?? Because I definitely have never had a more hectic week in basically as long as I can remember. Education (and the whole world honestly) is pretty insane right now, but there has been some serious beauty this week too. 
In moments of hardship, you see the best and worst in people right? It's like that quote - when something tragic happens, look for the helpers. Because especially in the world of K-12 education, those helpers are everywhere. Yes, teachers are burned out. But I've also watched teachers cover classrooms on their planning period all week. Yes, we are more than ready for a break. But I also watch the teachers I work with staying late to call a worried parent or paying for a winter coat out of their own pocket. 
I believe teachers are some of the most inspirational and incredible people in the world. And luckily, since I work in an elementary school everyday, when I look for the helpers - they aren't hard to find. 
Such love for you all. 

xo, emily

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pocket of peace

just a little laugh because we need it…
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coffee talk with em

Nothing makes me happier than a great recommendation. So here are a few of things that are sparking joy and bringing pockets of peace to my days. I hope you love these things as much as I do! Got a recommendation for our new Slow Down Sunday? Just reply to this email and tell me all about it! 
  1. We are hoping to get away soon and we have our sights set on Seaside, FL. I found this article so inspiring and definitely got me in the travel spirit!
  2. I personally believe bread and winter go hand in hand. Here are some killer bread recipes for beginners. 
  3. I am LOVING this chaos to calm New Year Youtube challenge! The accompanying Notion page is perfection. 
  4. If you're in the market for a cute Valentine's Day sweatshirt, this one is darling AND affordable. 
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