Titans: Playoff Edition
Titans have the 1st seed in the AFC for the first time since 2008, 14 years but who's counting…  We play at home on Saturday at 3:30pm CST against the Bengals who just had their first playoff win in 31 years, but again, who is counting. Derrick Henry will have all week in practice to get acclimated and regardless of who is in the game, Vrabel says we will run the ball because that’s who we are. 
Titans are favored by 3.5 points and the over/under is 47.5. I will admit, it won’t be fun to cheer against Joe Burrow as I’ve been a fan of him and his next level swagger since he was at LSU. I like him even more for dating Olivia Holzmacher and not some basic*, diet tea, Instagram thirsty* influencer. 
If my words confuse you and you want to keep up with your kids: *basic - too mainstream, *thirsty- eager and desperate
Prepping for the Big Game
Quick Notes:
• Tickets: Sold out and the transfer option has been turned off until 24 hours before kickoff so be careful of scammers.
• Weather: 39˙and partly sunny at kickoff, second half will drop 10-15˙
• How to watch: CBS and Paramount+
• Key Injury Update: Derrick Henry is expected to return for the first time since Week 8. The Titans are full speed ahead with the healthiest roster we’ve seen all year. Cincinnati’s Trey Hendrickson, defensive end, could be in for Saturday but is currently in concussion protocol.
How to Dress:
We’ve had colder games but by the time the sun goes down around halftime you’re going to be…cold.  My suggestions: Insulated boots, warm socks, hand warmers and foot warmers, Titan's beanie, and ear warmers.  Remember, leave the purses at home.  Clear bags up to 12x12x6 and non transparent can be 4.5 x 6.5.
My GameDay Advice:
Be where you’re eating by noon, plan to walk over the bridge by 2:15, be in your seats by 3:15. And ladies, in case no one has told you, when the anthem is playing your hats need to come off too. It’s a divisional playoff game, no one cares what your hair looks like.
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3.5 / 5
The Dutch
The food is excellent. The location inside the W hotel is conducive to walkable exploration and provides a rooftop view with a bar that could extend your night after dessert. The Hanger Steak is unreal when it's done right and might be my favorite meal in Nashville. The Menu is rich with diverse options.
The AM brunch crew and the lunch/dinner crew are very different in quality. I do not recommend the Hanger Steak at brunch despite what I said about how much I love that meal. The 2 tops are so close together that they can hear you and you can hear them. Any interesting conversation you may be having about your in-laws or your sex life is going to be public at the 2 top. The cocktails are good but the quality does not match the price. You can get better cocktails elsewhere. The service is hit or miss. (Yes. I have been there a lot since it opened. I'm going tonight, actually.)
3.5 star experience. But if you go at the right time and get the right Hanger Steak with the right server its a 4.9 star experience. I keep chasing that high. It hits at about the frequency of the slot machines, just enough to keep me gambling on it. 
How Things Are Trending:
• The median home value in Nashville hit an all time high of $405,000 in November 2021
• Average days on market: 12 days (faster than anywhere in the country)
• Property values rose 22.4% from Dec 2020 - Dec 2021
• An interest rate increase of 1% reduces a buyer's purchasing power by 11%. For example - if you are pre-approved for a $700,000 house currently, an interest rate increase would reduce that approval amount to $623,000.  The fed is expected to raise interest rates this spring.