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Relax, it’s not what you think it is. 
Our business is unique in that the magic happens literally in-house! So, it made sense for our team of 8 to also be in-house. We had plans to work out of the large open room above the guest house upon buying this house. Our town had different plans for us…
Apparently, we can’t have that many people working out of our home, so we pivoted and rented an office space just down the street a few months ago. The office came with basic furniture and everything we needed, but I wouldn’t call it inspiring. We primarily work from that office space, but the house is just a skip, hop, and a jump away–convenient for zipping to the house for projects, photoshoots, and updating you all in stories!
A big discovery to come out of our annual CLJ retreat this year is that we’re expanding our team by two! The good news is our team is growing…The pickle is we’ve outgrown the office space down the street!
And so for the announcement… We’re moving to a new office space and this one is unfinished!
Miraculously, (and thankfully) we found an open 2500 sq ft space across the street from our neighborhood—even closer than the basic office ¼ mile away! It has everything we could ever want in an office space: plenty of space, tons of natural light, room for photoshoots, room to stretch out and grow, AND it comes with a contractor that will build out the space to our design and specification.
We’re bursting with excitement and working on the design plans! (I have been pinning ideas here if you want to see!) Can’t wait to share more!


What are your plans for the used to be “home office?”
I know a lot of my DMs were concerned that we “bought this house for the office space.” And that was an appealing part, but honestly, I can’t tell you how much better my work/home balance is to have our office OUT of the house. And with this larger space, I think it will be even more so. As for the future plans for the space above the guest house, we’re imagining a big rec room–pool table, ping-pong table, air hockey, play room for the girls!

All good things,

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