Hey there,
This has been long overdue. I think its been weeks since I actually sat down to write a Sunday Letter…and even though it isn't Sunday today, I'm just so so excited that I decided to make an exception. You know how some things just can't wait? Well, today is that kind of day!
Welcome to Dohful’s Sunday Letter guys, there is so much I have to catch you up on!
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First thing first, if you have seen my last email I told you guys about the Tripoto workshop I was doing on How to Make Your Home Business a Big Budget Startup. 
The workshop received a great response. It was my first time doing something like that and 28 people ended up joining the class. They were all people who were either contemplating starting a home business or had just started and wanted to now take it to the next level.
The workshop happened last Saturday and I received tons of amazing feedback on it. I shared the story of taking Dohful to where it is today and overall I believe I was able to provide some clarity to people regarding what their first steps should be and how they can plan their scale
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If you're someone who attended last week's workshop, please do let me know if I was able to help you out or if you need any further help from me, I'm always just an email away. 
And if you're someone who somehow missed, we will be doing it again on 30th Jan, so maybe you'd like to subscribe for that.
But I truly don't know if there would be any more of such workshops in future guys, so if you want some tips & tricks, do sign up for this one. 
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With that done, lets come to why I'm so excited today. 
I landed in Banglore last Sunday. We had some family time planned and then were also going to go to Pondicherry for a few days from here. 
But due to rising Covid cases, in both Bangalore & Pondicherry, we decided to stay put with our family here in Bangalore only and not go to Pondi. Needless to say I was pretty bummed out. 
The trip was planned weeks in advance and I was really looking forward to it. 
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Seeing me so dejected, yesterday Chaman suggested me to put out a story on Instagram saying I was in Bangalore and if anyone wanted to catch up for a few hours. His idea was that if I get to meet someone like minded, maybe I wouldn't hate not going to Pondi.
So I did. I put out a story asking if anyone wanted to meet in Bangalore. 
To my utter delight, one of our followers, Shailja replied within 10 min! And we made plans to meet in Magnolia Bakery here in Indiranagar. I had been dying to try out Magnolia and it seemed the perfect place to sit and talk baking. 
So it was all set. We were meeting today.
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To my utter delight one more follower, Manjiri saw my story today in the morning and asked to meet as well! I was beyond happy! 
TBH, when Chaman had suggested me to put out the story, I didn't really expect anything out of it. But having two people reach out and then actually take out the time to meet me, it was a really special moment for me. 
I sat there for hours chatting with these two special ladies, telling them my life story, listening to theirs and it seemed like this was meant to be. Like it was somehow destined for me to come to Bangalore and meet them!
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We talked about Shailja's home baking venture, how she is managing her passion for baking along with a 4 month young child, her journey of coming from Mumbai to Bangalore and starting to do something about her passion here. 
I came to know about Manjiri's love story and how she & husband both order Dohful Cookies for each other and yet don't want to share them with each other! 🤣
Coincidentally we also found out that Shailja's father & my father worked for the same organization and actually know each other! So for a minute there it was really like….is this really happening!?!
All of this while we relished the Tres Leches Cake along with an Iced Latte. Truly delicious BTW.
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And by the time it was time to say good bye, trust me I did not want to leave! It felt like I had found my tribe! We have promised to stay in touch and meet again if I come back to Bangalore or they come to Delhi ever! 
All in all, it was a day well spent and I would love to meet more of you guys whenever I get a chance in future!
Before I leave, do you guys want me to do a email review of Magnolia Bakery? Lemme know if that's something you'd be interested in and I will put down my thoughts on a paper for you. Hit that reply button, tell me if you want me to do this review. Just a Yes or No would also do! 
I will see you next week guys, hope you are well and staying safe. 
P.S. - TreatYourself is still valid people. Get 10% off when you order 2 boxes or more. 

till next time,