SOLACE LOVE - May 2022
May Full Moon: 
The Flower Moon,
Sunday, May 15th
The Flower Moon suggests a time of renewal, when we can heal, soak up the sunshine, and flourish like flowers in the field. Connect with this energy by filling your home with fresh flowers 🌸
Flower Moon Spell for Light: Light a candle and sprinkle yellow petals in a circle around the base. As the candle burns, ask the Flower Moon to bless you throughout the month with light and love ✨
Tarot of the Month: 
The Lovers
The Lovers card is a celebration of the different types of love that bring two people together, from friends and family to soul partners. It is about connection and communication, the Divine union when two people take a leap of faith and open themselves up to each other. 
It is also a card about choice when a person is at a crossroads in their life. The right decision can be made when you are completely honest with yourself and others. Be bold and let your heart lead! ❤️
Crystal of the Month: Jade
Jade is known as the dream stone and can help you connect with  spiritual wisdom. It attracts good luck, friendship, and success.
Bird of the Month: Nightingale
The Nightingale is a symbol of love and romance. This humble bird may not have a distinctive appearance, but its song is mesmerizing. The medicine of its song helps us look beyond the veil of outside appearance and see the beauty within. Every being is unique, and everyone has a song to sing.
Sending you so much L❤️VE!
The month of May carries the energies to help you reach your goals and heart's desires! In numerology the month of May holds the vibration of the number five, which represents change.
Solace is always here for you as you traverse through your soul journey! We are sending you high vibrational energies of love, light, and abundance! Enjoy the positive energies of May and live your life journey with passion and purpose! Authenticity is key and self-love is imperative, so go on and love your gorgeous self and spread your love to the World!!!
Solace Divorce Mediation now offers flat fees for all mediation journeys and weekly Healing Circles to assist with the emotional processing of all phases of the divorce journey. Our clients gift themselves with support, love, guidance, and respect as they transition from their broken marriage relationship to a successful co-parenting and/or friendship relationship. Shine bright and inspire others to shine too!
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