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January 2021 vol. 4

When Will We Learn?
It seems like we’ve been here before…
With the most recent rounds of Covid and the manifest ineptitude of our leaders playing havoc with our supply chain, I can’t help but wonder what people are thinking.  Not you of course, you’ve figure this out already. Perhaps it was the early 2020 with the first wave of Covid.  Or perhaps it was the freeze last February.  Or perhaps you’ve been a supporter of local producers for many years and those event just validated your previous convictions.
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It is true that a few more have started planting a few seeds and raising a few chickens. This is great. But why are more people not connecting with local growers (and/or growing themselves)?  This is a sincere question I have.  
I hear from people who use Butcher Box and the like and I think to myself - why?  Perhaps its a bit more convenient in that you don't have to go to the market, but there are many local producers that offer similar subscription services - and you’re not at the mercy of the weather or the government.  Plus, there are countless benefits of knowing your local producer.  I wont list them here because you know first hand, but perhaps you know someone who uses one of these delivery services, or who is confounded by the empty shelves at supermarket.  Perhaps it’s time to invite them over for a delicious meal of local grown meats and veggies with a slab of fresh bread.  Finish up with a nice bottle of local mead or wine and discuss the merits of “knowing your farmer”.  Become a missionary!
Thank you all for your support.  We appreciate your feedback and spreading the word.
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