¡feliz dÍa de amor 
y amistad!
¡Hola, profes!
Here are some fun no-prep ideas for easy lesson planning this month!
Have fun celebrating El Día de Amor y Amistad with videos and activities for in-person and remote classes!  Our favorite love & friendship songs with resources are "Aleluya", "Tanto", "Ella" and "100 Años".  Reinforce the Present Tense while you sing and dance!
To help deal with increasing numbers of student absences, check out our website for high quality digital resources including movies, music and games to keep kids engaged!
Are you looking to do March Madness with music in your classroom this year?  Check out our Music Resources to find music videos, lyrics videos, dance videos, artist biographies, and loads of learning resources that make teaching music a valuable part of your class. 
We have a sale planned for February 6th - 9th, so visit our store to start your Wish List!  If we can help you in any way, please reach out to us.
check out some great units 
for your classes!
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all the best in your teaching endeavors,
Amy & Katie
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