As many take a look back at black history during February (and should continue throughout the year!), my shares this month will push us to think about the future: returning to work, pursuing (or for some even simply dusting off) our dreams, as well as examining the role we’re truly playing in the future we hope to build!
PS: Throughout February, Masterclass is making their Black History, Black Freedom, Black Love course free to stream. There are some amazing, insightful instructors to learn from so check it out
Walking the Talk
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Realizing dreams: For some reason in my 20's I had a dream of skydiving
What do you dream? For yourself? For your organization? 
You likely have goals, maybe even a strategy, but what’s the dream behind it all? The dream is the thing that keeps people going when the goal and strategy tire us! The goal may be no ice cream, but the dream is a healthier you. The goal may be submitting a proposal by deadline, but the dream is a world where all students can read at grade level.
To find your path to liberation, you have to see the dream
Take a look at these Dream Starter Questions used in LD’s Dream Manager Program. Set aside 15 minutes and answer as many as possible. Let’s activate our dreaming selves again!
in pursuit of liberation,
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