My Favorite Resources
by Lauren Simmons
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During our Jump Start seminar for those newly diagnosed, we discuss some of our favorite Parkinson's resources.  There are some books and websites that provide clear, accurate information and are my “go to” places for the best information.  Each month, we are going to be highlighting one of these resources as they are appropriate for everyone living with PD, not just those newly diagnosed. 
First up is the Every Victory Counts manual put out by the Davis Phinney Foundation.  This is a free book that you can download at any time or order online and it will be mailed to you.  Every Victory Counts is a great jumping off point to get you started. You will find the basics about things like symptoms and medications mixed in with advice, tips, and worksheets to aid in daily living. There is also a great glossary in the back which can come in very handy especially when you are new to the PD world. Woven throughout the manual are stories that educate, inspire, and give hope. 
Contributors to the manual include not only world renowned specialists but also the real experts… people living with Parkinson's. Because life with PD can change daily, I find myself referring back to this manual often.  When a new symptom arises or I want to know how someone else has handled an issue, I can usually find the answer here. Recently the Davis Phinney Foundation has published a similar manual for care partners.  I highly recommend keeping these manuals on hand. The Davis Phinney website is also full of great information.
If you just can't wait for next month to learn about other favorite resources, you can see Claire McLean of Rogue PT & Wellness and I discussing all our favorites here.
Coming up in February
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Speaking of joy…check out this video from the OC Tremble Clefs
“Parkinson's tried to rob me of my joy and the Tremble Clefs gave it back.”~Tremble Clefs member
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