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Lovely First name / Lovely Reader,
Have you met Pippin, our new-ish pup (in the middle)? She's brought a lot of activity to our dog family. She is growing so fast and giving Dobby a run for his money. She's also awakened Bean's playful side!
These three keep me company every minute of every day!
If you've been anxiously awaiting the continuation of Pippin and Grey Hawthorne's efforts to break the curse on their family in the Book Magic Mysteries, the wait is almost over. Murder Through an Open Door releases in a week from today! You can pre-order it HERE so it's on your eReader bright and early on February 1. If you prefer print, it will be available to order on February 1, as well. 😍
The week before the release of a new book is always so busy. I want to share everything about this book far and wide. To celebrate the upcoming release, Murder in Devil's Cove is part of an exclusive giveaway. Check out these women sleuth mystery books HERE. They are all FREE until 2/15!
Thank you to everyone who voted on the title for the next Book Magic Mystery. The winner is: Murder and an Irish Legend! This book will release at the beginning of September. It's also available for pre-order HERE.
Read on for the Reader of the Week. 
Wishing you all a wonderfully bookish week!
Happy Reading!
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