It's Release Day for Murder Through an Open Door!
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Hello Lovely Readers!
It's an exciting day! Murder Through an Open Door is HERE! 
I adore this series so much, and from the early review, readers are loving it, too.
Scroll down to read one of the early reviews for this book of my heart. I hope you'll grab a copy for yourself!
Happy reading!
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One of the early reviews of Murder Through an Open Door on Goodreads:
This series just keeps getting better. It has it all: Location (an island in the Outer Banks), well-developed characters from children to seniors who exhibit personal growth and dimension, a deaf dog, a deadly Irish curse dating back to first century Irish mythology, treasure hunters willing to kill to collect a cache of valuables and book magic in the form of bibliomancy. While the search to find a way to break the deadly family curse is an ongoing theme throughout the series, each book has a current mystery solved. In this one, the treatment of dementia as well as the changing relationships between Pippin and Grey and those of Pippin with the members of the McAdams family members is adept.
Being of Irish descent, at least part of me believes in the magic, blessings, and curses of the Irish. Irish mythology is fascinating, and the author has done an outstanding job of researching Irish mythology especially the Tuatha de Danann Gaelic deities in the pre-Christian world of Ireland.
In addition, the use of the quotes from the books in the victim’s possession as well as those collected by Pippin and Grey’s father provide intriguing clues to both the murder being solved in Death Through An Open Door and the ongoing search for a way to break the age-old curse.
The mystery becomes increasingly complex as we learn more about the Oregon branch of the Lane family tree and the Tuatha Dé Danann. New characters introduced in this volume as well those carried forward are multi-dimensional and then there is the mysterious Hugh. A well-crafted mystery that leaves the reader longing for the next installment in the series. Cannot wait to see what happens next.

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