Hey there,
How is your week going? I hope you have your weekly quota of Dohful Cookies all ready and that you're slaying all that work with ease. 
I also hope I'm able to steal you away for a few moments to take you back in my world of food, baking, cookies and this time…Shark Tank
Yes, you read that right. This Sunday Letter is all about my Shark Tank experience (or whatever little of it) and it is actually triggered by one of the emails I got recently.
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I don't know about you guys but I have been a Shark Tank fan ever since I have started my own business. I used to love seeing entrepreneurs come and pitch their business to the ‘Sharks’. And I used to dream like a hopeless romantic that I too would be given that chance some day.
So you can imagine my excitement when I found out that Shark Tank was finally coming to India. 
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There was nothing more I wanted, than to be on the show, pitching Dohful Cookies to not just the Sharks but also to the whole nation - face to face. And with hope in my heart and my fingers crossed, we applied to Shark Tank
Much to my surprise & happiness, we cleared the first round. 
And the round after that. 
Soon after… we were called for auditions. We were told that they would judge our business as well as our screen presence in that round. So far so good.
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We cleared the auditions round as well. I was really on Cloud 9. I have never felt so proud of any other achievement in my life. It felt like all my dreams coming true.
We got a call from the Shark Tank Sony Liv team informing that we had been selected to present our business in front of the Sharks. I was the one who actually took the call and I remember continuously jumping in my office while the lady on the other end was explaining me the Dos and Don'ts of the shooting process. 
Soon after we got an official email about the same. It was done. We were going to Shark Tank!!
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Well, not so fast. 
After that official email conversation, nothing happened. I mean literally nothing. 
We had been told tentative shooting dates but no confirmation came after that. We were supposed to be going to Mumbai but even one week before the tentative dates, we had no idea if it was the final date or not. 
When I used to call the lady who called me to inform of all this, all I got from her was “We'll call you from our side, please be patient". 
It was becoming more & more frustrating by the day and it seemed like we were banging our heads against a wall. 
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Finally, 3 days before we were supposed to be leaving for Mumbai, I called that lady and demanded answers. Only to be told to “Try next year”. 
No other explanation, no other words, just a “try again next year” over and over again. Remember what I said about banging my head against a wall, well…same feeling again.
The dream that had started with a 8 page form, ended brutally with just a 4 word response.
I literally wept uncontrollably that day. 
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And almost swore to never watch Shark Tank India.
But having said that, I do realize what they have done for the entrepreneurship scene in India is unprecedented. They have started a chain reaction that makes it okay for more & more people to follow the path of entrepreneurship IMO. 
And that has to be commended at all cost.
So I did end up watching it. Not for the first few days but later yes. In fact I have watched every single episode till date and though its a bitter sweet experience for me every time…I'm proud of the fact that it has brought entrepreneurship and the concept of fundraising in front of every Indian.
And this fact cannot be denied. Of course, I would have loved to be a part of it as well, but I guess I can give it another shot in the next season.
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And that's the story of why you aren't seeing Dohful Cookies on Shark Tank this year. We were so close guys…but I guess it wasn't just meant to be. Not this year anyway. 
Thank you so much for reading this…and thank you to the person who actually thought of us while watching Shark Tank himself and asked us why we're not on Shark Tank. 
Sorry it took me a few days to respond to your question. I hope you are reading this right now! 
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till next time,