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February 2022
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Dear First name / Friend,

How is your year going so far? Mine has been surprisingly productive. It's been so ridiculously cold here so I can't do much else but sit at my desk, so I've been catching up on those projects that sit just beyond my reach during the warm weather months.
Speaking of warm weather, I'm excited to ditch the tundra for sunny Wellington, FL for the next week! 🌴 I am working for Eye Candy Jumpers, volunteering for the Boys and Girls Club Equestrian Triathlon and doing a commercial photo shoot for Haygain
I've got a lot to share this month, so let's dive in!

Quick Tip - Check Your Camera's Diopter

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I know what you're thinking, my camera's WHAT?
Near your camera's viewfinder, there is a dial called a diopter. This dial allows you to adjust what you see through the viewfinder so that it is crisp for your vision. Think of it like a built in eye glasses.
The problem is, this dial is very easy to bump and if it gets moved off the center point and your eyesight is correct either naturally or through contacts or glasses, what you see through the viewfinder is going to blurry. This will make it hard to know if your images are in focus and it could even give you a headache.
The solution is to go right now and check that your diopter is in the center for no correction (most cameras have a notch or marker for this). 
Now, if you are like me and have to wear glasses and they can fog up when it's very hot and humid or very cold and your breath is fogging up your lenses, you can use the diopter for its intended purposes. Just take of your glasses and move the dial until what you see through the viewfinder is clear. 
Here's a great article that goes into more detail on camera diopters. 

New Course: Video for Photographers!

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Do you feel intimidated or overwhelmed about learning video?
I understand! Over the years, I tried and failed many times, but I didn't give up. Now, my clients love my video work, and I feel confident pressing the red button. That’s why I created this online course - so you can too! 
Through this course, you’ll get up and running quickly so you can offer video to your portrait clients right away. I will guide you step-by-step through the process, from setting up your camera to filming to editing to a beautiful, heartfelt finished product you can sell to your clients.
And because I love you, my newsletter readers, so much, I'm offering you a 15% discount on the course if you purchase before February 8th. Just use the code: videolaunch at checkout.
For full details and to start the course today to go Video for Photographers.

What I'm Reading and Listening To…

“Rule of thumb: The more important a call or action is to our soul's evolution, the more Resistance we will feel toward pursuing it.”
—Steven Pressfield, The War of Art
What I'm Reading
I'm in that weird place where I've started a lot of books, but haven't finished most of them. But one book I did finish was “The War of Art” by Steven Pressfield. It's a book I've heard recommended countless times over the years and I've tried to read it, but could never get very far for some reason. Maybe it wasn't the right time! But I like audiobooks read by the author so I decided to give it another try. 
I made me mad, but in a good way. It challenged my thinking on a lot of things. The book is essentially about how creatives can fight the resistance they feel in their work, and I've been feeling a LOT of resistance lately. I'm sure my workload, the never ending pandemic, and our harsh winter are all contributing factors, but I'm done making excuses and giving in. I'm ready to sit down, get to work, and make war AND make art!⁠
I disagree with portions of what he had to say, but I'm of the mindset that with any kind of teaching or reading, you get to eat the meat and spit out the bones. And for me, eating the meat meant getting to work, even when I didn't feel like it. This is why I have a course to launch today!
What I'm Listening To


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