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Please complete 2022-2023 Course Registration
Counselors will be going into classrooms in February to discuss the new schedule change policy (below), and help students enroll in next year’s courses. Your child will bring home a packet with all of the materials we go over in class.
Please refer to the Course Bulletin for detailed course descriptions when choosing classes – ensuring your child meets the perquisites for entry into the course.
If you are looking to bypass a course recommendation, please complete and return the enclosed Bypass Form. Once can also be found HERE.
All completed and signed Course Registration Forms (along with Bypass forms as applicable) must be turned into your English teacher no later than March 1. A late fee will be applied for all late submissions (see policy below).
Should you need to make changes to your Course Registration Form, you may do so by emailing your counselor until May 1. After May 1, all schedule change requests must be made by using Schedule Change Form, and you will be charged for each schedule change requested.
Should you have any questions, please email your child’s counselor.   The fastest way to have your questions answered is via email.  Throughout the registration process, counselors are in classes guiding students through the registration process.  Email requests will be answered within 24 hours.  Requests for meetings may be delayed until the end of February when the registration process has been completed.
Students should give a great deal of time and thought to the academic program they are taking each semester.  The school’s master schedule is built around the courses that students select.  Students should review the Course Bulletin carefully, seek parental help, and follow the guidance from the counselors during the pre-registration process, which takes place in their religion or English classes this month. The pre-registration process includes a thorough class by class discussion on which level of classes are most appropriate and which elective requirements your student may still need to complete for graduation.
The parent must sign the final registration form.  Be sure to review Graduation Requirements (required courses that must be completed in each grade level), and Prerequisites (completion of other courses and grade requirements before a student can be admitted into particular classes).
Transfer credits from other schools will not be accepted for courses offered at Bishop Manogue except for: (a) courses completed by students transferring to Bishop Manogue from another accredited school, or (b) courses completed by students repeating a course previously failed at Bishop Manogue. Classes taken by correspondence require prior approval from the counselor and/or administration.
The Bishop Manogue Catholic High School policy for changing schedules was developed to serve the best interests of all students. The scheduling process is a planned and thorough procedure, implemented in February. Students, teachers, parents and counselors are involved in each student’s schedule. Subsequent changes in the fall or spring term should be initiated only for legitimate reasons, e.g., to fulfill graduation requirements or college plans. Students should not seek unwarranted schedule changes. Therefore, a fee of $50 per class change will be assessed for a schedule change not initiated by the teacher, counselor or administrator.  
Additional Policies Enforced by the Counseling Staff:
  • Students should see their assigned counselor for schedule changes.
  • Schedule changes for returning students must be completed by May 1 before fall classes. Schedule changes for new students must be completed by the 10th day of school in fall.
  • Students will not be allowed to enter a class after the quarter has begun due to a schedule change unless it is a level change recommended by a teacher, counselor or administrator.
  • Returning students who fail to complete a Course Registration Form for the following year by March 1 will be charged a $50 late-scheduling fee.
  • Students will have until May 1 to make changes on the course request form without paying the $50 fee for an elective change. No fee is required for changes recommended by a teacher, counselor or administrator.
  • Elective withdrawal from any class will rarely be granted, and can only occur with the approval of the counselor. A WP (Withdraw Passing) or WF (Withdraw Failing) will appear on the student’s grade card and transcript after the 9th week of school. A student enrolled in a dual credit course who drops, must do so by the end of the fourth week of school. Failure to drop the course on time, will result in a loss of credit on the transcript.
  • For all schedule changes, please print, sign and bring with you this Schedule Change Form.
CLASS CHANGES (Add/Drop Deadlines)
Students will make every attempt to make schedule changes in accordance with the Schedule Change policy above. Schedule changes may be made on a space available basis.  Any student wishing to drop a course after the deadline may do with a “W” withdrawal posted on the transcript. A student who drops a course after the ninth week, may do so with a “WF” Withdrawal and “F” letter grade posted on the transcript.  The decision to accept a late add/drop rests with the school administration.




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