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What I Am Digging
I recently found a Netflix movie called “Long Story Short”.  It is about delaying important aspects of our lives because we are too busy. Busy with work, busy with acquiring more things, busy with holding grudges, busy with all of the things that do not bring us joy. Without giving any spoilers….one of my favorite parts of the movie comes at the end when our main character gives a speech to his romantic interest about what things he would change. It really provides a glimpse into the way many of us behave in our own lives.  This movie is definitely worth the TIME.
What I Am Doing

I am feeling the need to focus on doing things for others. Especially our older population. Like you, I work and have a family and do not typically have much free time. But I have realized that it is not just huge gestures that make a difference. Little things count as well. A phone call to an older family member is more appreciated than you think. As we get older, often our friend circle becomes smaller. I am making it a point to reach out to all of the older people in my life, and I hope you will too!
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