Hi There,
Valentine's Day is coming and I could not be more excited. If you're anything like me you're probably already planning what would you gift yourself (and your bae) this year. 
But by chance if you're anything like Chaman, you're too oblivious of the fact that Valentine's Day is around the corner and would start scramming for gifts on the 12th. 
In both the cases, I got you covered! 
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Welcome to Dohful's Sunday Letter guys, we're launching not one but two things today - the Valentine's Day Gift Box and also the Red Velvet Cookies (Pack of 4)
First of all, let's talk Valentines Day gift.
My love language is food. In fact, my all languages are food. Different moods & occasions call for different kinds of foods but there's just one for when I'm feeling chirpy & festive. And that's a sinful, decadent dessert.
And that's why I think this Valentine's Day gift box is the perfect gift to express your love to your loved one. 
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And it need not be your BAE. Whether its your Momma, your Daddy, your Lover, your FWB, your ex (or maybe not!) or your happily ever after, this Valentine's Day box will delight every single person you gift it to. 
But hold on a moment. I know you might already know this, but I just have to say. Dohful Cookies contain copious amounts of Chocolates and anyone you gift these to, would definitely fall in love with their gooey, soft texture. 
Not to worry though, as soon as they come out that haze, they will definitely love you more for introducing them to these cookies! 
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Red Velvet cookies scream Romance in the biggest way possible. They're soft, gooey, with that tiniest bit of tang with insane amounts of White Chocolate embedded in them, that they are the perfect treat to send your loved ones.
Along with 4 Red Velvet Cookies, we also have 2 Choco Brownie and 2 Nutella Lava cookies to make it the best ever Dohful gift box. 
But as usual, it isn't the cookies that make our gift boxes special, its your messages for your loved ones that do. 
And for that, please please please do remember to do Add to Cart and then look for the Special Instructions for Seller textbox. Add your message there, and we'll make sure to include it with your cookie box. 
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And that's it, sit back & relax. We got the rest figured out. Trust us, your someone special will get the most special gift possible! 
P.S. - All Valentine's Day Boxes and the Red Velvet cookies will be shipped from Tuesday onwards on the first come first serve basis. Place your order now! 

till next time,