Happy Valentine's Day!
When I first met my husband, I played hard to get. He'd send sweet messages like, “I'm looking at the moon thinking of you.” I'd reply, “I'm not the romantic type.” I thought if I put on a tough shell and if he really liked me, he'd work harder to win me over. Well, it worked; we've been together more than 20 years now! The truth is, I am the romantic type! I love musicals, candlelight dinners and looking for heart-shaped clouds. So, in the 02/2022 newsletter in honor of Saint Valentine, you'll find some romance as well as style and travel tips for your next visit to Milan and Lake Como.  
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Romantic Milan, Love is in the Air
There are many romantic places in Europe, but Milan is unique. It's not seen or depicted as a romantic city in films or art, but it will surprise you. For example, the cobblestone streets of Brera after a rainfall, the shopping district lit up at night after hours, and there are lots of intimate restaurants and wine bars where lovers can sit close and enjoy an evening. Here are some suggestions on how to plan a romantic trip to Milan.

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Italian Fashion & Women’s Empowerment
Italian fashion is known for its elegant designs and timeless aesthetics. Although fashion houses run by men are big names in women’s fashion, it is female designers who have had a strong influence on style, and the message fashion expresses for women. Women’s empowerment is not about career advancement or earning more money; it’s about leadership, taking risks and succeeding against the odds.

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5 Cheeses to Try at Lake Como
Italian cuisine is famous for pasta, wine, olive oil and knee-bending desserts and pastries. The Mediterranean diet has been adopted around the world. Cheeses like Gorgonzola and Ricotta have hit our tables, but there are lots of cheeses that are yet to be discovered and exported.

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How much does it cost to fly to Milan?
The cost of flights to Italy varies depending on the season, travel distance and route. A flight from the UK to Italy on a low-cost airline could cost as little as £65 UK, but with special offers and deals on the kiwi.com widget, you can even find a ticket from New York to Milan for under $200 USD! Click “Create a price alert” to get updates on the best prices. Insert a range of dates for when you want to fly in the date field to find the best prices. Best airports for Milan and Lake Como: Malpensa, Linate or Bergamo Orio al Serio. 

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Amazing Venues for a Perfect Wedding on Lake Como
There is no doubt that Lake Como is a favorite wedding destination. There are so many things to consider when planning the perfect wedding ceremony, and this is often the cause of many headaches. A main piece of the puzzle is the venue. The venue can make or break a wedding, so choosing the correct one can change the outcome drastically. Here is a list of Amazing wedding venues on Lake Como. 

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