The LOVI offices are a hive of activity as we gear up for the 2022 edition of Colombo Fashion Week. The tables are awash with cuttings, moodboards, loose bits of string and the odd pair of scissors as the designers zip back and forth creating the new collection. Keep your eyes peeled and your ears wide open for those juicy details in our next newsletter. First, let's take a trip down memory lane as we look at some of LOVI's best CFW moments over the past five years.
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Making its starry debut at 2017 Colombo Fashion Week, LOVI Ceylon elevated the sarong from its sleepy home wear status right into the luxury designer wear arena. Our first collection focused on creating signature pieces that continue to be bestsellers todayincluding our Pinstripe, Rugby and Nautical sarongs. 
"As a brand, LOVI has picked up on that one unique niche and has stayed to true to its core," said Ajai Vir Singh, CEO of Colombo Fashion Week. “It's encouraging to see Asanka going on this journey. He has stuck to it and developed."
From the start diversity and inclusivity has always driven this brand. Regardless of ethnicity, gender or body type, everyone was encouraged to wear our sarongs. This core belief was bought to the forefront with our 2018 'Unity' collection, emphasising Sri Lanka as a place of solidarity. Based on the colours of our national flag, orange, yellow and green bands sat atop men's silk shirts and even formed the basis for women's dresses. 
We got funky with our campaign and did a whole Kanye West-inspired fashion film. You'll just have to watch it to see what we mean:   
In 2019 we honed in on Sri Lankan history for our ‘Rise’ collection. Inspired by the last royal family of Kandy, crown motifs, intricate beading and our very own LOVI emblem made its way onto the runway, this time in a romantic colonial mansion. Preceded by contemporary dancers, models weaved their way down staircases and through grand living rooms as the audience cheered on. 
Missed the show? Here's a little taster:
By 2021, post-Easter attacks and pandemic still lingering, LOVI Ceylon felt the need to write a new chapter. The most important concepts of past collections (solidarity, history, and elegance) came together to form The Two Worlds Collection where East met West. This collection celebrated heritage but looked to the future. Silk jackets, handloom dresses in subdued colours, and sarongs with zips floated down the runway, speaking to Sri Lankan individuality while celebrating the joy of coming together. LOVI, once again, found itself at the forefront of innovation. 
What will LOVI at Colombo Fashion Week 2022 have in store for us?
It's hush hush until next week but rest assured you're guaranteed Asanka de Mel will be staying true to his roots. To prove our point, here's what he said back in 2016: “I want LOVI Ceylon to have an identity that’s instantly recognizable around the world—as authentically Sri Lankan, world-class fashion.”
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While you wait for part two of this newsletter, watch our models strut their stuff at 2019 Colombo Fashion Week.

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