Success with Rachel Nally
Founder and Owner of Local Apple Cart
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Ever since Rachel was a little girl, her dream has been to be in the ice cream business. Local Apple Cart was inspired by the ice cream shop she would visit as a kid and later where she got her first job. When Rachel started her business about 3 years ago, her goal was to sell candy apples and frozen chocolate covered bananas at the Farmer's Market in Fort Wayne. Since then, Rachel has returned to her original dream and now has her own soft-serve ice cream truck and will be a vendor at The Union Street Market on the GE Campus. Local Apple Cart is one of the two completely homemade soft serve options in Ft. Wayne, IN. 
Rachel is so proud of the growth she has seen within the city of Ft. Wayne and is proud to be a contributing force within it. 
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“The RISE program opened my mind to possibilities that I never considered were available to myself. Especially when you grow up very poor, those possibilities have never been available. Just building the truck alone was phenomenally scary and it doesn’t even seem like it was that big of a project compared to what I’m doing now. Once I did just a month in RISE, I realized ‘this is not just it’. I don’t have to be confined to a truck.”
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