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There's been all sorts of chatter and “discourse” across the photography Instagram community over the last couple weeks about the concept of getting ghosted. It's something we all experience, and it's no one's favorite thing. But while watching the conversations happen surrounding the issue, I really only saw people sharing two courses of action:
  1. Get upset about it, and teach your audience why ghosting is rude.
  2. Just accept it as part of the job, and don't worry about it.
But did you know there's actually a third option? A BETTER option? What if you could actually do something to reduce how often you experience ghosting?
Instead of getting upset when you get ghosted
what if we worked to solve the problem?
The people inquiring with you aren't rude assholes who plotted to trick you, taking up your time and emotional energy before cackling as they deleted all communication with you. Ghosty potential clients aren't supervillains. They are just busy people. So, instead of getting mad or hurt, let's fix the root of the issue. 
Let's fix your inquiry response email!
This week on the blog, I broke down the five biggest mistakes photographers make when creating their inquiry response emails. And I even gave some ideastr on how you can fix them!
Your inquiry response email is the single most important piece of marketing content you have, so it's not something you should write a template for without personality and strategy in mind. And it's DEFINITELY not something you should rewrite half-distracted every time you receive an inquiry! 
Take some time today to review your inquiry response email and make sure you aren't making any of these five huge mistakes. Then watch as, over time, your ghost rate starts to drop! And if you don't have an inquiry response email, I have a template for that
Before I say so-long for the week, I wanted to quickly remind you that my maternity leave is speeding our way! On March first, I'm going to be stepping back in a big way from work. So, if you'd like to squeeze in a final 90-Minute Strategy Intensive, now's the time to book! I'd love to spend some of my last days pre-baby with you diving deep into your brand voice, ideal client, or website to get you ready for your best year in business yet. 
And if you ever have any questions, ideas, or just want to say “WADDUP!?” I'd love to hear from you!
xo, Erica
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