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Hi First name / there,
Here I am in your mailbox again! Thank you to everyone who responded to my last newsletter. It is encouraging to read that my newsletter is appreciated. Lately I haven't been able to personally respond to all emails (full head 🤯) but I have read everything with great pleasure. 
As you can see, my newsletter has a different name and a different branding. More on that below!

Spreek je Nederlands? (Do you speak Dutch?)
Dan mis je best wat extra informatie, omdat je momenteel op de Engelse lijst staat. Zoals de nieuwe online class, een recept en tv-tips. Zie hier de Nederlandse editie van deze nieuwsbrief. Hieronder kun je het aanpassen
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I don't have a website with a portfolio, and I've wanted one for over ten years. 10 years! I thought to do it myself but it took so many hours that I would have to take a few weeks off to finish it. So I emailed a brand design agency: they are now making my website. Since I'm a designer myself, it's interesting to see how someone else approaches it. I also have an opinion about what I find important in a website, but luckily the designer and I are finding common ground. It should be finished by the end of March and I can't wait!

On my drawing desk
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  1. The cover for my 4th Lotta-comic book is finished! It's available from April april and available for pre-order now
  2. It feels real now: my book about choosing not to have children is coming. The title is going to be Kinderen krijgen is optioneel’ ('Having children is optional') and Blossom Books is the publisher.
  3. Not everything goes according to plan. I was working on the illustration for another non-fiction book but that has been put on hold by the publisher. We hope to continue to work on it next year! 
  4. The sketches for a children's book for a Dutch coach are all done and ready! I'll start working on the final illustrations soon. 

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Things I liked
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MOVIE I watched a few movies with Jessie Buckley in them. Accidentally, but I was very charmed by her. So I also watched Wild Rose, in which she has the lead role. Without spoiling the movie, the ending made me realize something about my own ambitions. 
DOCUMENTARY I want to learn more about abstract art, so I watched this BBC documentary called The rules of abstraction
BOOK I mainly read non-fiction books, and in order not to fry my brain completely, I increasingly read novels. I've read a few of Mhairi Mcfarlane's now. They are very easy to read! I am also reading The war of art for a third time. I'm also listening to Essentialism for a second time (as an audiobook). 
FUNNY An 8-year-old in Idaho, USA, has secretly smuggled a self-written book into the local library, and the book now has a four-year waiting list. 
SERIES I WATCH NOW Dublin Murders (BBC/Starz) and The Great Pottery Throwdown (Channel 4), and two Dutch series.
"Many of us seek community solely to escape the fear of being alone. Knowing how to be solitary is central to the art of loving. When we can be alone, we can be with others without using them as a means of escape."
bell hooks

That's it for this month. I hope you liked this installment and if so, please forward it to friends, family or colleagues. I'd really appreciate it!
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