Meredith  Wakefield  Art
The beginning of a new year is always hard for me, and this year was no exception. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised as the anniversaries of Mitch's and Jessica's deaths are fast approaching. The one thing I could focus on though was doing some more organization in the studio. In doing so, I found many treasures that gave me more insight into Mitch's creativity.  

Now, you might be wondering, “What does all this have to do with finishing his work?” Before you think I mean taking Mitch's clayprints and adding to them or making any changes to them, let me clarify what is meant by finishing.
What is so unique about the clayprinting process is the ability to pull more than one monoprint. Each subsequent one differs from the previous because there are so many layers under the surface.  As you pull a print, a thin layer of clay is removed, and the print begins to change. Oftentimes, the third or fourth print is the most interesting. 
After pulling a print, it fades as it begins to dry.  In order to bring it back to life, it needs to be finished with a sealant. Many days Mitch would pull prints and then put them in a flat file unfinished to go back to later. 
Above: unfinished
Below: finished
I started organizing Mitch's files into finished and unfinished clayprints. Quite a daunting task, I must tell you. I found so many beautiful pieces that had not been finished. And as I always do, I came across even more amazing clayprints that had been. Take a look at new images on Mitch's website by clicking here
I guess this is what it means to lean into the grief instead of fighting it. In fact, fighting it seems to make it even worse at times. By being in the studio, my spirits were lifted by being in Mitch's world.  
So, if you are one of those people who likes treasure hunts, come to the studio to look through Mitch's clayprints and find your very own hidden treasure!