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         I hope all of you are doing well this winter.  We have been super busy out here getting ready for SPRING!!!!!!  
         I cannot remember the last time I did a newsletter.  Let’s see if I can remember how to do it.   There are plenty of things to do in your yard on nice days.  
         First off water.  It is still dry and when it is cold your plants, trees and grass suffer. 
         Next freshen up your perennial flower beds with the mulch of your choice.  This keeps moisture and insulates as well. 
         It is getting time for weed prevention.  Apply Dimension on your grass as well as your flower beds.  
        If you are building any new beds this is a great time to till in Soil Mender Cotton Burr Compost to loosen up the tight clay soil.  Apply to your vegetable beds also.  
        If you are working your vegetable beds or raised bed add Treflan for weed control.  
       Spray all your trees, shrubs and roses with Fertilome Horticultural oil to kill off any overwintering insects and fungus. 
        I could go on and on.  Lots to do.  If you have any specific questions please do not hesitate to email me at james@pghama.com.  I will do my best to help you out.   
        Have a great week and remember, “For plants that grow the best, come to the Folks who know the best” Panhandle Greenhouses, just south of the loop on Washington about 2 ¼ miles.  Come out and see us and have a great week.  
2022 Fertilizer program
PGH Fertilizer Program
                                             Time for Fertilizer Program
         As we deal with this winter weather, Now is a good time to think about your yard and the fertilizer program! In the picture you can see all the options this year!  Come in and we can get you going on the best program for your type of grass!  If needed we can store it for you, or you can take it all with you!  We will make multiple attempts contacting you via email and text, but it is up to you to follow along with the program.  If it isn’t picked up from one year to the next, we cannot deduct the price of the product to make up for it.  We will give you the product from the year before.
                   You can  sign up for the program when ever your ready.  
                              If you have any question, please give us a call!
                                                          (806) 622-2683
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