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We wanted to share our latest success story with you!
Eric’s Testimony
“I was at the hospital on my deathbed with alcohol poisoning. My visitors could hardly recognize me. I should be dead.”
Eric came to Christ as a teenager, but eventually walked away from Him.  God pulled him back two years ago.  In the process, he was still battling with addiction, and it eventually put him in the hospital on his deathbed.  
“New Beginnings gave me a place to focus on God and how much He loves me, and how I wanted to live the rest of my life.  I took a good time out.  I was able to talk with God.  I was able to hear from Him.  I’ve been illuminated by how endless His love is and how forgiving He is.  
“Most of my life has been about me, and what I wanted.  Now I have to redirect my desires and focus them on what He wants for me.”
Eric wants to find a place to serve in full time ministry.  He just left for 2 weeks to get started with a Christian Crisis Relief Organization to help others in crisis and be a light and vessel of God’s love. 
“Doing this without New Beginnings, I would be dead.  I couldn’t break free and escape the darkness long enough to focus on God.  New Beginnings is not only for ‘physical prison,’ but from ‘prison of people's own minds too.’  I was surrounded by great people and so much support at New Beginnings, and that has been imperative for my success. I am so thankful for New Beginnings, this place has helped me get on my feet and move onto what God has for me next.”
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And we want to say thank you for all of your support. We can not do this without you! 
Lots of love,
New Beginnings