I’ve always been fascinated by intuition. Whether you call it gut instinct or
a sixth sense, intuition is that deep-rooted feeling that something is right,
or something is wrong. 
As a business leader, there’s a lot of pressure to make decisions - decisions that impact people, clients, revenue, and more. When I started my company, I was working from my dining room table, making decisions that mainly affected me and my small roster of clients. But as Mekky Media grew, things got even more complicated. Now, I’m guiding a team of leaders through an ever-evolving company and industry. Choices are woven into the fabric of my day-to-day professional life and beyond.
For the past few years, I’ve been working with intuitive coach Terry Opalek, whose entire methodology and perspective revolves around living life from a place of inner trust and understanding. And as a firm believer in professional and personal wellness, I wanted to bring him to my team and encourage them to listen to their gut. 
When faced with a dilemma, big or small, intuition is what helps us make decisions with peace and ease. It’s not only a stress reliever, but it's empowering - it gives us trust in our ideas, confidence in our choices, and faith in ourselves. Thinking about this together as a team brought us closer and set us up for success in daily decisions and overarching strategy. 
How do you make decisions for yourself and the people around you? If you’re feeling uncertain, I always think that looking within is the best way to start.
Warm wishes,
Michelle Mekky
Thinking outside of the box
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Through partnering with the right influencers, our team was able to further boost brand awareness for Primark in the Chicago market while also highlighting their fitness collection. Starting with a Pilates class at Studio Lagree then lunch at Edie’s All Day Café & Bar, the influencers donned the latest pieces from Primark’s fitness collection and demonstrated the durability, affordability, and comfort of different pieces!