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In its 2021 Status Report on Hunger, the Rhode Island Food Bank reports that one in six households cannot meet basic food needs - and that number spikes higher for households with children to one in four. 
We're focused on raising greater awareness of the food insecurity crisis, and are working through local, independently owned restaurants to deliver nourishing meals to their most vulnerable neighbors. We've had the privilege to match our participating restaurants with senior centers, public schools, and community action programs. Our work has just started - and we hope you'll join us on our journey.
Take a look at some recent highlights and ways you can get involved!
Plates with Purpose is a donation-based program, powered by the compassion and kindness of others. Our model facilitates a two-way value exchange, providing relief for the restaurants we love, in return for preparing delicious and nourishing meals for local individuals and families, who are struggling to meet their basic food needs.
together, we are making a difference!
 With Purpose & Love,
Jenn & Jen