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What is it that I do?
I have had a few people ask me recently what is it that I do?  Simply put I hold a safe, non-judgmental space for you so you can heal.  I walk beside you while you release what no longer serves you in this time in life and help you to move beyond trauma responses and other blocks that keep you from living the life you desire.
How is this done? Using my intuition, I watch your energy as we talk about things, and I see what a major impact for you is, and we look at those things together.  We talk about the feelings around it and then we head over to the table where I use energy healing to help you release the energy of the trauma, grief, fear, whatever it is that is holding you back.
How does this work? By providing you with a safe space and using different tools such as Reiki, Polarity, Ho’oponopono, sound and vibration healing, healing crystals, and essential oils to break up energy blocks so you can allow yourself to heal.  You do the work; I just hold the space for you.
I find joy in what I do because over time I see the transformation in my clients.  Many come to me feeling anxious, afraid, and broken. After just a few sessions they begin to feel more confident in themselves and even start finding their own power again.  After about six sessions they begin to really allow things to surface and release. Most people begin feeling lighter after just one session and by the sixth session clients have said they feel more like their true selves and feelings of peace within.  Many begin to sleep better and feel more focused and have a sense of clarity they did not have before.
The other question I am asked is “if I am a psychic medium why don’t I do readings?”  Well, I used to do readings, however I found that I did not feel joy when doing readings and people really didn’t heal.  Psychic or Medium readings sometimes brought closer for people, but mostly I found it brought more questions and uncertainty. I find by providing spiritual guidance aka spiritual counseling I can help people on a deeper level.  This is also a “psychic reading” it is just not predicting your future, which I don’t do anyways, but it is me reading your energy.
For more information about my sessions or me please visit my website at  Or feel free to email me with any questions at
Also, did you know I provide a free 30-minute Meet and Greet if you would like to find out more and meet me and see my space?
All this is offered in a non-threatening, non-judgmental environment.  Are you ready to begin your healing journey?
To schedule an appointment click here to visit my website and schedule online.  For those that do not yet feel safe to come in person I am still offering virtual appointments.
Pat Laurino
Owner/Founder of North Country Spiritual Pathways and Wellness, LLC
Upcoming Classes in 2022!
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There are still openings for the Level 1 Intuitive Development Class, sign up today to reserve your spot!
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The next discussion group will be March 16, 2022 @ 6:30 pm!
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