The Preds
Let's Get Up To Speed:
  • The Preds pulled off a win Tuesday night to snap a four game losing streak and give us some confidence heading into two exciting home games
  • We are currently 29-18-4, have 31 games remaining, and are holding onto 4th in the Central
  • The regular season ends on April 29th and playoffs start May 2nd
  • This year the playoff format is a little different and 16 of the 32 teams will make the playoffs. The top 3 finishers of both divisions and 2 wildcard teams will make it in for 8 first round matchups. There are no first round byes
Upcoming Games You Want To Be At:
  • Tonight at home against Dallas where number 35 will be retired. Pekka, who spent 15 seasons here in Nashville, will be the first player in Preds history to be honored this way
  • Saturday vs Tampa Bay at Nissan Stadium as long as there is ice and not a puddle of water…It’s expected to be 35 degrees when the puck drops but this is Nashville so it could be 50 degrees or 10 degrees. This is going to be a great atmosphere. Tickets are still available and you’ll most likely end up with fomo* if you don’t go
*Fomo - Fear of missing out. Millennials still say this, Gen Zers roll their eyes. Tread lightly using this term if you have kids in high school, they will think you’re lame
QR Codes and Tips
Fun Fact:
The Preds are the second city to partner with Fast and QR codes will be installed on every seat at Bridgestone so you can scan with your phone to buy merchandise. It's a one-click checkout option that is a major upgrade to the e-commerce store.

 Fair Weather Fan Tip:
If you’re a fair-weather-fan* looking cute at a Preds game in your SnapBack looking like a season ticket holder but you don’t know what icing means, then fake it until you make it and please know one basic rule.
Icing: The rink is divided into two halves and icing will be called when any player shoots the puck from anywhere on his side of the center line down past the goal line of the opposing team. After icing is called there is a stoppage in play with a faceoff in the zone of the team that iced the puck.
*Fair-Weather-Fan - You have no idea what is going on but you show up to support your team only when they are winning and act like you never miss a game 
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4.9 / 5
Butcher and Bee
The best way to know if a place knows what they’re doing is by the maraschino cherry. If you order an old-fashioned that comes with a neon-red maraschino cherry, pour it out and leave.  (The one exception to this rule is J. Alexander, which makes the world’s worst old-fashioned—they use the neon cherry to help accomplish this great feat—but the food is stellar).  From now on you will see me either lead the review with “Luxardo” or “Maraschino.”  It is the easiest litmus test for any restaurant. However, Butcher & Bee is so good that “Luxardo” does not suffice.  Side note: I am open to ideas for the next-level litmus test that separates good places from excellent ones.
Every, single item on the menu (whether you enjoy it or not) is done the right way. You may not like tamari glaze paired with coconut on the “OG Carrots,” but you can sense that it is intentional and well executed (and that anybody who enjoys tamari glaze is going to love the hell out of these carrots).  Do I know what tamari glaze is?  I do not.  But I know what bacon is.  And I can tell you that for $5, you can have the two best-bacon wrapped dates you’ve ever had. 
And therein lies the essence of this restaurant: it’s an adventurous menu that has a twist on classics, and every single item is used to its maximum potential.  I didn’t think I liked butterkin squash or kale tabbouleh, but they proved me wrong.  And once you realize how well they can make whipped feta, the rest of the menu instantly becomes fascinating, because you wonder what else they’re doing… and with what other food!  While I can imagine meals that I do love more (because pizza and Oreos aren’t on the menu and I have trashy redneck roots), I cannot imagine a restaurant that consistently utilizes ingredients better than Butcher & Bee.
Architecturally, the restaurant doesn’t exactly feel like it has a flow; even the entrance is somewhat choppy and unwelcoming.  But this, too, feels like it is almost done intentionally because when you get to your seat you inevitably realize that it is about your food, and your company, and nothing else.  The minutia, like that awkward entryway, ceases to matter.  The ambience is great.  The crowd noise is minimal.  The background sounds and sights are pleasant but neutral enough to only exist as complements rather than distractions.  But the best feature of the environment is that most of where you can sit in the restaurant feels private and isolated which really draws you into the meal—and more importantly, the people—that you are with.
Butcher & Bee contributes to an emerging pattern in my head, which is that the best food in Nashville is on the East Side with the hipsters and the artists.  Am I a hipster?  I refuse to be categorized like that, which apparently is exactly what a hipster would say.
How Things Are Trending:
Inventory in Nashville was down 28.4% in January 2022 compared to January 2021. It is down 60.4% since January of 2020
Average rent for a 1 bedroom in Nashville is $1,528 and in walkable neighborhoods such as The Gulch, Germantown, WeHo, average rent for a 1 bedroom is $2,277
The two states where the highest percentage of people have moved from: California and New York
The average home in Brentwood has now surpassed the $1,000,000 mark