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Happy Thursday First name / Lovely Reader,
I have been busy busy busy. It started about a week and a half ago when my dad ended up in the hospital with some heart and lung problems. He's home again now, thankfully, and dong well. Last week I flew to Texas to be with my parents and help out. My flight home yesterday ended up cancelled due to crazy Texas weather. 75 degrees one day and 24 with sleet the next (hence the cancelled flight). 
While I've been gone, Pippin has been going to doggie daycare. They do day training and send a report card. Pippin got straight As all around (!):
Sit by the gates, doors, and in a group environment--A
Heeling by the trainers side with an automatic sit with distractions--A
Building my strength, balance and flexibility--A 
Building my confidence in the dog walk, teeter totter, and A-frame--
Learning not to jump on people--A  
Coming when called--
Focus on the trainer--A

*What Pippin excelled at today is
Respecting and playing other dogs. Did well focusing on other trainers.
What a good pup. I miss her! And Dobby. And Bean. Going home later today (fingers crossed!). 
Bonus Photo:
Dobby, Pippin, 
and Bean
Also last week I signed with a new literary agent who will be representing my newest mystery series project! I'm so excited about this and I can't wait to tell you more. Hopefully I'll have great news to share in the coming months.
Finally, WriterSpark Academy is going strong, and it's incredibly gratifying to receive emails from students who are loving the current course or who are looking forward to the upcoming 
Field Guide to Writing a Cozy Mystery course. I love being able to share my teaching this way, helping other writers on their path. Feeling very satisfied at the moment.
Last week, I introduced you to my family and mentioned I'd spotlight each one in the coming weeks. Today the spotlight is on my youngest child (thought I'd go in reverse order to change things up). Scroll down to meet him! 
Wishing you all a wonderfully bookish week!Happy Reading!
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The RamFam
I appreciate all of you and thank you for reading my books and my newsletter! If you know a reader who might enjoy my weekly missives, feel free to forward!