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Marshall Together is incorporated and is now a non-profit! πŸŽ‰ We're excited to continue to share what the team is working on. If you're interested in joining us and volunteering any of your limited time, we'd love to have you. 
We hope to send you a weekly digest like this one each week. Let us know what you'd like to see included!
Here is a short list of the work being done:
  1. Understanding the underinsurance issue and surfacing the concerns with legal and press. If you haven't completed the Marshall Together survey, please do so here
  2. Identifying neighborhood captains for nearly all neighborhoods affected in UBC, Superior, and Louisville
  3. Connecting with local organizations that are raising funds on behalf of Marshall Fire survivors to understand how funds are being allocated
  4. Participating in the long term recovery group in representing Marshall Fire survivors and the issues we're hearing from you
  5. Requesting relevant informational events to help clarify information (we're working on a debris removal webinar and a session about the SBA/FEMA deadlines next week)
Do you have suggestions or questions?
RIGHT OF ENTRY for Debris Removal  β€” Due Today, Friday, February 25th
This week, we learned that foundations and driveways will be removed in the coordinated private property debris removal program (PPDR) for destroyed properties.
Being in a declared disaster area, you may be eligible for financial assistance from the SBA. For more questions, contact If you aren't sure that you'll take it if you're approved, you have 60 days to accept the loan. Applying does not commit you to taking the loan.
If you were impacted by the Marshall Fire, you may qualify for federal assistance. More information about FEMA Assistance for Marshall Fire survivors.
In person assistance: If you need assistance filling out an application for SBA or FEMA in person, please visit the Disaster Recovery Center (1755 S. Public Road, Lafayette). 

Upcoming Events
Having trouble joining our Slack community? If you're a Fire survivor, please hit reply to this email and we'll invite you to join.
Until we all get home
Marshall Together Team