Weekly Newsletter

March 2021 vol. 1

This week we celebrated John’s 53rd birthday with little fuss (at his insistence). Today I am sitting at my computer, trying to decide what to write for this week's newsletter while John is outside with a weed eater clearing debris from below fence lines so he can run electric wires to keep the pigs in their new pasture after spending the morning slicing and packaging bacon. Basically, this man does not stop. As I sit in a warm house listening to the wind moan around the building, I feel like maybe John isn't getting enough recognition. Rather than gathering with family to celebrate his birth, life, and all that he's accomplished, he goes outside pushing himself to do more, to be better, and to inspire others to do the same. In light of John's character, I think this newsletter should focus on the very reason we have one in the first place: John!
John is a son of Italian immigrants, the husband of a former teacher and world traveler, the father of two sons who followed him into military service and a daughter who works for the CDC. He is also a grandfather to two boys (under 2 years old) and a girl (11 years old).
A veteran, a libertarian, and an all round contrarian, John is passionate about solving problems and saving money. That passion served him well during his time in the army, throughout his career with GE Power Systems, and, most importantly, here on the ranch.
It was his limitless curiosity and drive for knowledge that earned him the title of "serial hobbyist" before he became a rancher. During his limited "spare time," he learned many trades: computer maintenance and construction (before plug & play), woodworking and furniture building, home renovations and building, coffee roasting, yogurt making, bread making, sausage making, vegetable gardening, canning, and fermenting, not to mention raising and butchering rabbits, chickens, turkeys, sheep, cattle, pigs, and more. This man never tires of learning new skills and doesn't know the meaning of rest.
His ranch and the company he built around it are the culmination of all these characteristics, all the decades of knowledge and skill he accumulated in his “spare time”. John holds himself to the highest standards and expects the best from those he works for and with. He finds great joy and fulfillment in running the ranch and serving his community. I am proud to be a part of  his dream - Amber Oaks Ranch.

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Come visit us at the Ranch!
Interested in seeing sustainable practices in action on a working ranch? Come join us and discover how John incorporates sustainable organic practices while raising cows, pigs, lambs, chickens, and turkeys to sell in local farmers markets. The $15 admission to includes educational tours and guided nature walks as well as BBQ plates featuring meat from the ranch.

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Pflugerville Winter Market will only be open for two more weeks. Then we will begin attending the Pflugerville Pfarmers Market

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