"We try something new to expand and learn."
Dr. Drew Vercellino
Dr. Drew is here in studio for March to offer a 4-part series on Body Resilience every Wednesday at 
12 noon.  
Well Studio Tribe-
The trees are blooming, the birds are chirping, and the sky is blue! Spring is here and it is time to fully renew our bodies and embrace the newness of life. We are excited to welcome you back into the studio with the option to take your masks off. Now more than ever, we gather as a community to support each other. 
We have new offerings for you this month. Starting this week, Dr. Drew is here to offer a series on Body Resilience…a 4-part series that will include breath work (week 1), core strength (week 2), back strength ( week 3) and whole body well-being (week 4). Hiking is back on Wednesday mornings at 10a. Sign up online and join Stacy and the community for an hour long hike at Pleasanton Ridge. 
We think it is important to continue to stretch ourselves and try new things so look for new classes online and in person. Tuesday night begins our UJAM/Zumba Dance Fest at 630p, Wednesday at 5p you can add strength and core to your routine and Thursday at noon you can find your center with a new yoga class with Laura. 
Don't forget to check out our online options and our video library to take care of yourself at home. This Wednesday at 5p is our first Meditation for All! Join our entire community in a guided meditation to transform suffering for all. It is FREE this week. Invite your friends and join together for this offering of peace. 
We encourage you to invite in friends and family to boost everyone's resiliency this month. Together we can stay strong, vibe high and thrive. 
Your mind and body will thank you!
 Let the sunshine in!! 
The Well Studio Staff

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