LOVI Ceylon just dropped its new collection, PLAY. This week we discuss some of its active looks. Hungry for more? Stay tuned for our next few newsletters as we look at the evening wear and business casual sides to this collection.
                                                 THE ALISON 
Here's the scene. On one side you've got a plush chaise lounge with a soothing cocktail of your choice right next to it. On the other side, you have the kids who are at peak energy and want to play with you. ‘Alison’ lets you slide seamlessly between both situations. Made entirely out of white pique cotton (the material used to make Lacoste T-Shirts), the gathering on the side of the shirt allows easy, fast movement. For that designer-wear feel, the pants feature our bold LOVI Ceylon logo. The outfit proclaims, “I am cool parent. But I will definitely be ordering two margheritas.”
When to Wear: Vacations with the family or reading The Sunday Times over an overpriced smoothie bowl. 
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                                               THE DENVER
There you are doing a light workout at home when you remember the 5pm Zoom meeting with your boss. Hell! There's no time to change as you rush to your desk. But that's fine as 'The Denver' outfit (pique cotton shirt and shorts over jersey shirt and leggings) will project all the business casual calm you need. Our sailor collars keep things classy and fresh. And if they ask, you're not sweating. You're glowing. 
When to Wear: Jogging (swerving?) past the umbrella couples on Galle Face Green. 
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                                                 THE JULIA 
‘The Julia' pairs a dark green pique cotton shirt together with jersey pants and is styled here with an asymmetrical jacket to add a certain edge. A comfortable and flattering outfit, we highly recommend this for yoga sessions. It's an opportunity to swap out your normal yoga pants made from earth-clogging polyester and spandex for LOVI clothes, which are made up of 99% biodegradable materials. Om shanti, darlings.  
When to Wear: Walks around Independence Square or your next date with a downward dog.
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                                          THE MERCEDES
Doubles, anyone? Thanks to the materials we use, our outfits are comfortable to wear and easy enough to move around in––perfect for zipping up and down the tennis court. Heading for a client meeting straight after? Simply swap the skirt with our Alison high-waisted LOVI pants, pictured above. Bonus style tip: pair the Mercedes skirt with the Alison shirt for those after-work drinks. Game, set, match.
When to Wear: Attempting to be the next Serena Williams. 
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Want to come PLAY? A sample collection is now available for you to view and pre-order at our One Galle Face store. 
Alternatively, give us a call at (+94) 11 437 5684 or drop a reply to this email hello@lovisarongs.com

Thank you so much for being a part of everything we do.

speak soon.