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Here is a Day of programming for each of these 3 Training Plans below!
1: Power Hour:  
60 Minutes or less of CrossFit / Strength / Skill / Aerobic Training
30-45 Minutes of Dumbbell and Bodyweight Training

3: High Intensity Bodybuilding:
45-60 Minutes of training to get you shredded and stronger by my functional style of Bodybuilding training!
1) Power hour
Warm Up Included in App as well as additional details
16 Minute Every Minute on the Minute:
ODD Minute: 3 Rep Deadlift build up in weight starting at 40-50%
EVEN Minute: 5-10 Push Ups + 20-30 Double Under / 20-40 Single Unders

8 Rounds:
200 M Run
8 Deadlifts A) 205/135# B) 185/125 C) 135/95
10 Chest to Bar Pull Ups 
*Scale C2B to pull ups or jumping pull ups. can also sub run for 12 burpees

2) SWOLE Dumbbell Program
Warm Up Included in App as well as additional details
A) Every 2 Minutes x 6 Sets: 
5 Burpees + 10 Push Press 
*go as heavy as you can on the dumbbell push press.  You can also make it more challenging by adding more burpees
B) 4 Sets x 12 Hammier Curls 
4 Sets x 12 Skull Crushers 
4 Sets x 12 front DB Raises 
4 Sets x 12 Lateral DB Raises

C) 6:10 Abs As Many Reps as Possible: (6 minutes and 10 seconds)
:15 Rt Arm Plank 
:15 Left arm Plank 
:15 Hollow Rock hold 
:15 Bridge Hold

3) High Intensity Bodybuilding
Warm Up Included in App as well as additional details
A) 8 Minutes to prepare for your starting weight
14 Minute Every Minute on the Minute: 
ODD Minutes: 7 Deadlifts 
EVEN Minutes : 7 Bench Press 
*use a weight that you can do 10 unbroken but will get challenging! 
B) 5 x 10 T-Row 
5 x 10 DB Bench Press 
5 x 10 Alt Chainsaw Row 
5 x 10 Reverse Fly 
*increase weight each set -then- 
C) 6 Minute As Many Rep As Possible: 
8 Push Ups 
12 Sit Ups 
8 Deadlifts 115 M / 75 W 
*adjust deadlift weight so you can do 8 unbroken without resting
All three of these Programs workouts below are in the Train Heroic App where you can chat directly with me or everyone inside instantly.  Best part is the messages come straight to my phone!
I love being able to connect inside the app, help answer questions. and hear your thoughts! plus just getting to connect on a daily basis is pretty cool.
P.S …🔥New🔥 
Barbell strong Program coming soon…
Inside Zeus Barbell Strong there will be strength based Olympic Lifting and Powerlifting Programs including a Barbell Cycling emphasis. 
You will be able to chat with me and post videos so I can help directly coach you for a cost you can't beat!
This will be launching soon!!!

Message me in the app when you try a program!
Nick Urankar