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Happy Thursday First name / Lovely Reader,
I want to take a moment to acknowledge all that is happening in Ukraine right now. My husband, Carlos, is a school administrator and he has a teacher who is from Ukraine. He told Carlos how he was FaceTiming with his brother, who is still living there (as well as his parents and mother-in-law), and how surreal it was to hear the bombs and explosions in the background. It's heartbreaking, and my heart goes out to everyone there. Standing in solidarity. ❤️
Wishing you all a wonderfully bookish week ✨
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Bean is 
loving the 
The RamFam
If you haven't read Murder in Devil's Cove, the first book in the Book Magic mystery series, it's a great way to escape for a few hours ✨ 😍 ✨
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If you need a break from the news, my good friend Diane Kelly has a new book out. You can check out Batten Down the Belfry below. It's the newest in her House-Flipper series and it's about the renovation of a Nashville church.
I appreciate all of you and thank you for reading my books and my newsletter! If you know a reader who might enjoy my weekly missives, feel free to forward!