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Thank you for everybody who sent feedback last week about the newsletter. If you have thoughts about how we can help communicate what we're up to, please don't hesitate to reach out (just reply to this email).
We hope to send you a weekly digest like this one each week. Let us know what you'd like to see included!
NOTE: If you see red links, they are intended to link to Slack. If you're not a fire survivor, you will not have access to these.
Here is a short list of the work being done by the Marshall Together Board:
  1. We're working to analyze the data from the underinsurance survey. 
  2. Connected with Colorado Springs Together. This group is one that helped remove obstacles from fire survivors of the Waldo Fire in 2012.
  3. Connecting leaders of Superior Rising, Marshall Together, and UBC. We plan to communicate priorities and collaborate where appropriate.
  4. First meeting of neighborhood captains and meeting with Louisville Building department
  5. Continued work to identify neighborhood captains for neighborhoods. We're still looking for the following: Wildflower Condo community. These leaders help to voice the common concerns from their neighbors to decision makers at local, county, and state levels
  6. Participating in Long Term Recovery Group meetings. There are over 70 organizations involved in supporting the recovery. We'll share more as we learn more.
  7. A Slack primer. If you're interested in learning how to use Slack effectively, please reply to this email and Reina will schedule one.
Do you have things you'd like for us to communicate about your experiences
with our local government on your behalf?
Some of you asked who is on the Marshall Together board. 
You can reach out to each of us on Slack by following the links below. (You'll need to be logged in)
John Marlin - Head of Neighborhood captains
Mark Wiranowski - Insurance issues, legal
Reina Pomeroy - Community support; Liaison for City of Louisville, Boulder County, LTRG
Tawnya Somauroo - Community support; Liaison for State, City of Louisville, secretary
Trevor Ackerman - Community support; Coordinating neighborhoods
Tim Crean - Liaison for LTRG, Sister Carmen, Community Foundation of Boulder County
Erin Lindsay - Press and communications (out on maternity leave)
There are more volunteers who are neighborhood captains, 
insurance captains, build captains, etc.
We'd love to work with you!
Free and Donated Items
There are many organizations that are donating in kind items to our community. Please take advantage of these.
NW Parkway Toll Relief program - $100,000 in toll relief available for Marshall Fire survivors
Boulder International Film Festival is offering those affected by the recent Marshall Fire complimentary tickets to some of the award-winning films at BIFF 2022 (March 3-6). 
Denver Museum of Nature & Science is offering free admission to individuals and families from the evacuated areas. Valid ID with address in those areas required for entry.
Free soil testing - The research team consists of individuals who are part of the Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research (INSTAAR), the Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences (CIRES), the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (EBIO), and the Environmental Studies Department (ENVS) at the University of Colorado Boulder.
[coming soon] Denver Botanic Gardens, Denver Center for the Performing Arts, Denver Zoo, Denver Art Museum, Denver Botanic Gardens is interested in providing free tickets or memberships

Upcoming Events
Having trouble joining our Slack community? If you're a Fire survivor, please hit reply to this email and we'll invite you to join.
Until we all get home
Marshall Together Team