LOVI's got options for every kind of Sri Lankan night out. We've even created a new signature print. Inspired by Kandyan temple wear and adapted from old nilame sarongs, we're proving that heritage and culture is the key to a sartorial glow-up. 
                                                 THE RIO
‘The Rio’ is an all-cotton ensemble featuring a LOVI pique long-sleeved T-shirt underneath a short-sleeved shirt and sarong. As our new print introduces bolder hues like burnt orange and electric blue into the colour palette, we think this is the ideal choice for a sundown soirée. Bonus style tip: It's all in the shoes. Loafers for a suave vibe, boots for a rock 'n' roll edge.
When to Wear: Beachside weddings. It's a conversation starter to help you evade the perpetual: So, when are you getting married? 
                                               THE TATIANA
‘The Tatiana' is for the girls who want to invoke a sense of culture in their outfit minus the hassle of draping a 9-yard sari. The top is a cotton peplum shirt with a jacket-like structure. To match it, we designed an asymmetrical wrap skirt that plays with lines and proportion. Pair it with our loafers adorned with LOVI Ceylon's royal symbol. Nothing is too extra for the queen. 
When to Wear: Official work events and meeting your future in-laws at the horoscope reading. 
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                                                 THE ADRIANA
Audrey Hepburn, eat your heart out as LOVI does its own take on the little black dress. ‘The Adriana’ is a silk slip combining pinstripes and print that almost makes you feel like you’re wearing nothing. Our model glided through Colombo Fashion Week declaring it was the lightest thing she'd ever worn. We see this worn by the busy CEO who needs a no-frills-no-fuss outfit to get her from work mode to party mode, instantly. 
When to Wear: After work drinks. What happens at Park Street Mews, stays at Park Street Mews. 
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                                              THE HELSINKI
The invite says black tie. We say, get bold. ‘The Helsinki’ commands attention with a midnight blue handloom jacket (check the silver handprinted design) and a 100% silk sarong. Adding that extra bit of armour, a black or a white tuxedo shirt underneath. And…for a dash of debonair, pair with a red pocket square.  
When to Wear: Evening galas and movie premieres. The name is Ariyapala. Sumudu Ariyapala.
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Want to come PLAY? A sample collection is now available for you to view and pre-order at our One Galle Face store. 
Alternatively, give us a call at (+94) 11 437 5684 or drop a reply to this email hello@lovisarongs.com
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