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How's your Sunday going? As I sit here in front of the big window in my house, soaking in the Sun, I can't help but think that in just a few weeks, I'll be taking all kinds of measure to avoid this Sun. It's been a decade since I moved to NCR, I still can't get over the fact that the weather is so extreme here! 
Thankfully, I have my Cranberry Coffee to soften the blow a little bit. 
Anyways…welcome to Dohful's Sunday Letter my dearies, today I'm gonna tell you all about how lucky I have been in Dohful when it comes to the people I work with.
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So…one of our main office guys put his notice recently. 
In fact, yesterday was his last day in Dohful. He had been with us since just after the first lockdown and was handling all operations related stuff in Dohful. 
He was the guy who added all your messages to the boxes, who took care your customized cookie boxes were made exactly like you asked, and also the guy who interacted with you if you happened to ever drop by our office to pick up your order or something. 
He is actually a DU student who was working with us because his college was online until recently, but now that the colleges have reopened, he wanted to enjoy his last semester in college rather than working. 
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We had seriously started to depend on him a lot so the news of his leaving actually left us perturbed. We knew we had to fill his position fast so as to make sure the work doesn't get affected.  
So we promoted someone internally to take over his job…thereby creating another vacancy. In the kitchen.
To discuss this vacancy, I sat down with Shehnaz, one of my oldest and most trusted team members in Dohful. Shehnaz has been with us for about 3 years now and we’ve seen all the ups and downs in Dohful together. 
In the meeting, I asked her if she had any candidate in mind to fill up the kitchen vacancy and she straightaway replied - whoever you hire, please let it be a woman and not a man.
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This was surprising because we work out of 3rd floor in a building with no lift. So often we have to carry heavy raw material shipments 3 floors up because the vendor delivery guys are always coming up with excuses of why they can't.
At such times, having muscle strength becomes a necessity, not an option. 
So Chaman asked her wouldn't it be better if we hire a guy so that there would be more help with carrying stuff? To which she so earnestly replied - 
“I'll carry the stuff upstairs, the other girls will carry too. But hiring guys is a problem because they are not serious about kitchen jobs. They come, banter around all day and then leave on time without once wondering if tomorrow's preparation is done or not. We need people who would work here as they would work in their homes, not like a job.”
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Basically she was ready to lift all that heavy load herself (and trust me, its a LOT) rather than have an extra guy on the team who wouldn't share the same work values as she does.
And honestly, I was left surprised by this. 
Because this was the first time we were consulting her on hiring issues, and I was pleasantly surprised by her views of not worrying about herself or her work load but about Dohful and what kind of people we should be having on our team. 
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Of course, this is not to say that men don't have good work ethics, but whatever she has been, based on her experience, she was ready to make that personal sacrifice for the good of Dohful team. 
And that was what made me really really happy. That she put the company first and herself second.
I have seen her working in extreme pressure, when we had to make 2000+ cookies in a single day. I have also seen her working on lean days, and everything in between. And whatever the case might be, she's always cool as a cucumber. Managing everything to the best of her capability. 
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She comes from a family where no woman has worked before. She was the first breadwinner of her family after her father and has paved the path for her sisters also to be financially independent.
She is in fact not even that educated, but the sheer will she shows towards learning anything and everything that's put in front of her is commendable. She handles our kitchen, but has also developed Youtube recipes with us, also knows how to operate the computer, can fulfill all the orders, and can manage inventory and much more. 
She is a living example of the fact that education does not define a person's intelligence.
That's the kind of woman who runs our kitchen and I'm so so proud to have her on my team!
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till next time,