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What I Am Digging
I listened to “Untamed” by Glennon Doyle. Then I purchased the hardcopy and read it again. I don’t appreciate when things become trendy and everyone professes how brilliant and life changing a book is for them. It is so trite.
But, THIS BOOK IS BRILLIANT, AND IT WAS LIFE CHANGING TO READ IT! Seriously, I appreciated so many things about this book—most of all, the honesty. I will leave it there and allow you to have your own experience. Please, send me a message and share your thoughts!
What I Am Doing

I am feeling the need to focus on “In the moment activities.” With COVID creating instability beyond my control, the only thing that keeps me grounded is focusing on what is happening right now. One of my main goals is to create a strong routine where I can meditate, pray, or nap at least 1-2 times a day. I have learned that I do not do well when I do not have the proper amount of sleep. So, napping has become a part of my existence. Figure out what YOU need and start doing it. 
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